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Tamara's last reflection Hug starts the unanimous applause of Instagram

Tamara Gorro is already a real star on social networks.On Instagram, without going any further, she has almost two million followers whom she affectionately calls "the virtual family."With them, she shares her day to day: beauty tricks, 'looks' ... and the occasional reflection with which she shows that "everything she shines is not gold."

The last, for example, about money.It could be thought that Tamara (married to a footballer, with her own company and earning money from Mansalva thanks to the brands) lives a life full of luxuries and eccentricities.Therefore, the 'influencer' wanted to make it clear that none of that.And that she prefers to spend on buying many things, than a single thing.

"Each person has their own taste and of course with their money does what you want. It is totally respectable. But then there are other types of people, those who consider having a luxury bag or garment is to be superior and have more class", the extronist of 'Women and men and vice versa' has started.

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La última reflexión de Tamara Gorro arranca el aplauso unánime de Instagram

"I have my personal opinion, just as respectable: I applaud those who have such taste and buy it, because in turn they are moving the economy. But if you are one of those who believe that for not having it you are inferior, you are very wrong@. You have the class, it does not give it a garment of € 3,500 or a € 20 dress. Moreover, to me, today (tomorrow I do not know) my economy would allow me to give me a whim like this (aluxury article), but nevertheless I have always preferred to spend x money on 20 things that x money on one, "he continued.

"And no, I don't feel inferior, either with less class. I just feel unique, and not because it's different from others, if not because I do what I want and makes me feel good.

And you are also unique, so you know, act as you want, not as society catalogs you, "the television has settled.

Quickly, the 'post' has been filled with comments with the same opinion as Tamara: "Totally agree love, what a piece of video," said a user."I agree with you my girl," said another of her followers.