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MILLIONS!, was what Laura Bozzo earned for her television program Sections

While the Peruvian is missing for owing the SAT, the number of zeros she had on her checks has been revealed.

A few weeks ago, the driver Laura Bozzo was notified with an arrest warrant for selling an apartment given as a guarantee to the SAT for a tax debt of 13 million pesos, however, it was the TVyNovelas magazine that revealed how much money the Peruvian earned.

The question is why didn't he pay the debt if he was earning well? it was a friend and boss of hers, with whom she worked while no one was hiring her, who revealed the amount of money Bozzo had in her bank account.

The producer Roberto Romagnoli, was the one who spoke exclusively with the magazine and commented that the driver came to earn two million pesos a month for her program on TV Azteca.

«I gave rise to her career again; She was destroyed, without a passport to leave Peru, and I traced her career in Mexico from scratch and turned it to ashes. In Azteca, Laura came to earn one hundred thousand dollars a month (two million pesos) ».

Putting it in perspective, that amount of money is equivalent to the work of 37 years with a minimum salary. Knowing how many zeros she had in the bank, we can understand why Bozzo was a creditor of designer bags and clothes.

However, in the program "El Gordo y La Flaca" they reported that the Peruvian made the decision to sell her luxury bags, where you could see the names of renowned designers such as: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and one of her favourites, Gucci.

«More than used, disappointed in how she is as a person. I was the one who helped her in the worst moment of her life; when she arrived in Mexico she had no job or money, she was totally ruined. As a former friend of hers, I can say that it hurts me when a person does not know how to be grateful, "said Roberto Romagnoli.,

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