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Mar Flores enjoys a girls' plan in Madrid after her family trip to Dubai

She asked the Three Wise Men and they granted her wish: Mar Flores began the year with a great trip to Dubai with her children, shortly after attending a charity gala in the Caribbean and after having been in Mexico with Elías Sacal, after HELLO! she confirmed her reconciliation, and putting land in between after being involved in a controversy. A non-stop that has finally brought her back to Madrid, where she has been this very week at an event in one of the most prestigious hotels in the capital, attending a luxury presentation together with other great faces of our country such as Laura Ponte or Claudia Stilianopoulos, the daughter of Pitita Ridruejo who dates Ernesto de Hannover.

-Mar Flores puts land in between and enjoys a getaway to Dubai with her children


"A pleasure to meet all of them, women full of light," said Mar, who wore an elegant denim suit and jacket over a turtleneck sweater and a Chanel bag in the same tone. "There is no better finishing touch to the week," added the model. Also her professional colleague, Laura Ponte, spoke about it at the meeting, thanking whoever had brought them together, where they were able to enjoy a delicious menu that included some of the delicacies of our country such as Sanlúcar shrimp carpaccio, Cantabrian lobster, grilled somillo and three chocolates or vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert.

-Mar Flores breaks her silence in ¡HOLA!

Mar leaves behind a year in which her professional successes have not been lacking, such as the award she recently received for her career at the Luxury Advertising Awards, the Elegant Advertising Festival. She has also had about twelve months in which she has not lacked love, because she continues her relationship with the Mexican businessman Elías Sacal, despite her ups and downs. However, she faced a public scandal due to the disclosure of private phone conversations attributed to the model, something for which she decided to take legal action. However, as he confessed to ¡HOLA!, he has said goodbye to 2021 with a big smile and looking forward: "I feel good and calm. In the end, the support of the people who love me and who really know me is what important".


- Carlo Costanzia, son of Mar Flores: 'I don't know Elías Sacal'

Mar said a few days ago that she was looking forward to eating 2022 after her family trip in which her eldest son, Carlo Costanzia, was absent, and it is evident that she has already set to work to start working and enjoying life in parts same. In part, with the collaboration of the award he received in December, of which he said the following: "It helps me to move forward in my projects with more enthusiasm and effort, if possible."

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