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Bags and briefcases, pieces that hadn't been in the fashion industry for up to 13 months

Reports from the fashion industry showed that out of total sales of 2020, the year of the worst crisis in the sector by the covid, luxury houses were mainly affected by the revenues they stopped receiving in sectors such as jewelry accessories (-44% annually), footwear (-41% annually), followed by bags and briefcases with a contraction of 39% per year.

The effect was the result of more people working from home, fewer social events, and hence an insufficient demand for luxury fashion to show off. In some cases it was even said that certain brands of the Louis Vuitton (Lvmh) conglomerate had to burn some collections so that their prices would not be devalued. "applying the old rule of not saturating the market, and eliminating unsold, rather than damaging future releases," said Pedro Antonio Aguirre manager of Leather-Col.

But although the fashion industry is changing along with the consumer habits of buyers, and modifying a very constant way, there are the 'classics' of the best luxury houses, those bags or briefcases that for 13 months could not go out on a walkway, and with the return to the office, they are finally having their debut.

An example of an iconic and legendary bag is the Kelly of the French Hermès, which, since its creation in the 1930s, has dedicated itself to breaking the canons of beauty, placing it in an exclusive product. To purchase this bag, the waiting time can be approximately one year.

Bolsos y maletines, piezas que llevaban hasta 13 meses sin salir en la industria de la moda

The emblematic 30 Mountaigne by Christian Dior, is a timeless and high accessory that claims the original styles of this brand. Thanks to its design based on neutral colors like black along with its golden and elegant finishes.

In general there are a series of editions that are seeing your moment to shine with reactivation, LR shows you some.

Mochila Rider-DiorThe simple design evokes the classic backpack to go to school. This bag, ideal for everyday life, has a market cost of $8.3 million. It is made in Jacquard beige and black with the Dior oblique motif. It has a two-way zipper closure, a large front pocket with zipper and padded and adjustable straps.

Speedy-Louis Vuitton its brown and amber colors, and its somewhat robust design, make it a classic, versatile and timeless accessory. Although creative director Marc Jacobs reinvents him every season, his Damier canvas and Monogram are still preserved as the brand's hallmark. The investment to purchase this bag is $5.2 million.

Kelly-Hermès this is one of the most iconic bags in this fashion house. Its creation lasts 20 hours, during which time 36 leather parts are assembled and sewn through 680 stitches and 16 small rivets. Sold in eight sizes, ranging from 15 centimeters to 50 centimeters. Its exclusivity leads to a cost of $113.3 million.

ArmandThis Louis Vuitton brand man's briefcase is made of full-blooded taurillon leather and with finely crafted details. Its design includes a variety of pockets that make it easier to carry with it what is needed for your office. In addition, it includes a space to carry a laptop. Its price is $14 million.

Ballon-LoeweThis bag, thanks to its design and sober colors such as white or khaki, make it a versatile accessory with a structure that combines a sturdy round base and its interior features a softer and more flexible sack; its creation is made from veal skin. It has a range of prices ranging from $6 to $17.6 million according to its design.

Timeless-ChanelThe Timeless bag is one of Chanel's two "it bags". The padded skin, beige or black, is made of granulated veal or lamb. Its commercial value is $26.6 million and makes it one of the most expensive and exclusive. On the other hand, its reissue every season under eccentric colors, such as fuchsia or red, catapult it to be trend always.