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The 'accessible luxury' (among the 'celebrities', also) blogs economic today resurfaces

A few days ago Furla presented its 2015 results. Recordable sales with a 23%rise, confirming that the sales of the articles of the subcategory called accessible luxury shoot at the expense of the items considered luxurious whose demand is decreasing, partly because of the economic slowdown, partly because of the crisis in the currency market, and much for the sales break in China and the retail consumption in the United States.

The case of Furla, Italian family business, is not the only one.A few weeks ago we saw as both Longchamp, Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade resurface in their stock exchange thanks to an increase in sales.

Furla has doubled the billing in the last five years, helped by the opening of stores up to 339 million euros. The French Longchamp, which operates in the same pricing category of between 200 and 500 euros for a bag increased its sales.last year 10%, up to 566 million euros, compared to an 8% growth in 2014.

According to the president of Furla, Eraldo Poletto, "customers are becoming smarter."Although the reality is that accessible luxury has become a market segment with great potential because people want to balance between the price they pay for a product and the quality they receive.

Resurge el 'Lujo accesible' ( entre las 'celebrities', También) Blogs Actualidad Economica


"Customers are becoming smarter," says Eraldo Poletto, president of Furla

De acuerdo con un estudio realizado por Boston Consulting Group, los precios de los artículos de lujo se han incrementado a una tasa acumulada del 14% entre 2002 y 2012, mientras que la tasa de inflación anual fue del2,5%. Es decir, que para seguir teniendo los mismos ingresos en un momento de desaceleración las marcas de súperlujo han incrementado de tal manera sus precios, que el cliente prefiere algo mas barato y razonable. Parala consultora Bain & Co los precios del lujo han subido entre un 30% hasta el 50% en los últimos tres o cuatro años. Esta subida ha propiciado la venta de bolsos mas baratos, de marca reconocida, y cuyo margen empresarial no es tan alto.

De hecho, las grandes marcas de lujo están sacando sus stocks gracias a los almacenes de "descuento", cuyas ventas representan, según Bain&Co, el 10% del total de las ventas de lujo a nivel mundial, el doble del 5% de 2012.

The other Bag Manufacturers and Moroccan complements, which are luxury but not "hyperluite" are also recovering some air.Loewe is one of them.Since Jonathan Anderson took care of the creative management, they are clearly betting on the US market, in which the price range is between $ 900 and $ 3,000.Beyoncé has been the first "IT" to go outside with his Loewe Puzzle in Rosas.

Pilar García de la Granja directs The Luxonomist