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15 small and good mobile phones that do not occupy space

The current trend the sector of smart mobile phones is to make these larger devices.We have gone from having mobile phones with small screens to models that have more than 7 inches of viewing zone that seem more a tablet than a smartphone.

But there are still people who want a compact mobile with the small screen that can be used with one hand.In fact, that a phone is larger does not necessarily mean that it is better, only that it has a larger screen.Far away are the times of the first iPhone that had a 3.5 -inch screen, at a time where we have phones such as the 20 x huawei mate that has a 7.2 -inch branch and that we can make a multitude of tricks with an iPhone.

The truth is that not everyone needs a big screen on their mobile.There are many who give more importance to aspects such as weight or manageability.As the main market brands know, they have several models in their offers to satisfy those needs of users who do not need a gigantic device in their pockets or bags.They are not the big stars of those catalogs because, as we have said before, the trend is to make larger models with many inches on their screens.There are not many models that meet the requirements of being mid -range and have a 6 -inch content size screen.That is why we have had to pull somewhat larger models, but never going from the 6.5 inches that mark for our taste the limit of a compact phone with a much larger one.

15 teléfonos móviles pequeños y buenos que no ocupan espacio

This is our selection of the best small and compact mobiles, with which you will get great performance in little space and weight to handle it very easily and one hand.All have very competent processors, with quality finishes and well -known brands in the market.Prices, like everything in this life, vary greatly for many reasons.But we have tried to choose a little of everything so that the most varied users can choose the one that best suits their needs and pocket.Now you just have to compare and choose the one you like the most.And, if you want more options, here are 10 cheap mobile phones and good for less than 200 euros.Instead, if you are looking for other things, here are the 20 best accessories to maximize your iPhone potential.